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[OBT-EVENT] The best participant of the Olympiad

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I am glad to present you a new event for our project - the Best Participant of the Olympiad!

The essence of the event is very simple, namely, farm as many vehicles as possible during the MBT period! There will be 5 prizes in total with different prizes!
Important! All 5 winners must have different classes!
For example, in the TCP class, the first place in the SK, and you took the second place in the TCP class in the SK, then you will not be able to receive the award!
It is also forbidden to fill your windows 1 player - 1 prize! Hwid / ip check

Prizes for winning the event:

  1. Etc_magic_coin_gold_i02_0.jpg Gold Einhasad - 30шт
  2. Etc_magic_coin_gold_i02_0.jpg Gold Einhasad - 20шт
  3. Etc_magic_coin_gold_i02_0.jpg Gold Einhasad - 10шт
  4. etc_g_bm_buff_scroll_i01.jpg Premium Coupon [3 days]
  5. etc_g_bm_buff_scroll_i01.jpg Premium Coupon [1 days]

Event results will be published on March 7

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