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[COMPETITION] - Arms Race!

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We are launching a safe "arms race" promotion for our players! Sharpen your swords, armor so that it sparkles and you will be rewarded! All the details below!


Promotion conditions and number of winners

  • You must be the first to sharpen - weapons, armor (2 parts or more), jewelry (2 parts or more) to the maximum!
  • There will be 3 winners in total - weapons, armor, jewelry
  • It could be 1 person who sharpened everything!
  • Equipment must be S84, if lower - you are not participating

What to do if you have fulfilled the conditions of the competition?

  • Take a screenshot, indicate what exactly you sharpened and publish in this topic
  • We check and give out a prize! IMPORTANT! At the time of check, you must have the equipment

What is the reward for winning the competition?

  • For each of the 3 points completed, you can get 50 Gold Einhasad
  • Eternal glory and a strong character due to the fact that you have reached the level of god in sharpening🙂

Enchant level and chance:

  • Maximum weapon enchant: +20 / armor: +16 / jewelry: +16 / Enchant chance: 65% (with PA 70%).
  • Safe enchant: +6.

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