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Affiliate program for streamers

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We invite all interested players to take part in the Online Broadcast of the x1500 server! Team up with strangers or create a clan with friends - conquer epic raid dungeons, destroy formidable boss monsters or fight in intense battles with thousands of other players from around the world.

Streams with at least 10 viewers can get to the main page of the site.

Conditions for Live Streaming:

  • Stream quality is not lower than 720p
  • Followers 35 or more.

Settings for your Live Stream:

The name of your Live Broadcast should ALWAYS contain a link to our website mysterium.su

  • Text: I play at mysterium.su x1500 High Five

Settings for your Nightbot:

  •   Text1: ► I play MYSTERIUM.SU x1500 HF ◄
  •   Text2: ► Start today at MYSTERIUM.SU x1500 High Five ◄
  •   Interval between messages 10 minutes

Application form in this thread:

  1. Link to your stream. (http://www.twitch.tv/yourstream)
  2. Nick is in the game.

Rewards for 6 hours of stream (per day):

  • 50-200 followers etc_g_bm_buff_scroll_i01.jpg Premium coupon [1 day]
  •  201-followers Etc_magic_coin_gold_i02_0.jpg Gold Einhasad x25


  1. The award is issued after 6 hours (per day) of Online Broadcasting in total.
  2. Online Broadcasting must have at least 10 viewers for a given period.
  3. The reward can be received only once and only for 6 hours.

Do not try to deceive us or remove the link to our server. Statistics are kept for all added streams.

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