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[PROMOTION] - Bonus to clans!

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We value every player on our server. Play as a clan and get a worthy reward from our project!

Reward in automatic mode(alb+b "Clan Bonus")

To receive the bonus, your clan must have at least 9 unique players.

If all the conditions are met, the clan receives 200,000 reputation and level 9.

Clan Leader Reward:

  • For each unique player, the clan leader receives Lineage II.jpg 1 Gold Einhasad
  • Color_name_i00_0.jpg Title painting - 1 for each HWID in the clan
  • etc_g_bm_buff_scroll_i01.jpg Premium coupon [1 day] -1 for each HWID in the clan

Conditions for issuing a subject bonus:

  • Unique HWID online in the clan from 9
  • Participants must be online
  • Characters only with a unique HWID (to check players for HWID use the .clanlist command)
  • The HWID who received the reward will hinder the clan from receiving the bonus (you will be written the HWID that bothers you)
  • The player and the Clan can only receive a reward once.

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