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[Supplement] Upgrading Cloaks

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Dear friends, I hasten to please you! Now, in the "Forge" section, the function of improving your cloak will be available for you

The following improvement options are available to you.

  • Improvement in agility. Increases P. Def + 3%, M. Def. + 3%, Speed and attack range with bow / crossbow + 5%, Accuracy and running speed +5, Power of critical attacks + 7%.
  • Strength improvement. Increases Max. HP +130, P. Def + 5%, M. Def + 7%, P. Atk. + 5%, Attack speed increased + 7%. Increases shield defense.
  • Improvement in intelligence. Increases Max. MP +280, P. M. Def + 6%, M. Def. + 3%, M. Def. Atk. + 5%, M. Speed. Atk. + 8%. The effectiveness of healing skills + 7%

Cloak Max Level 3

The insertion bonus does not work for the Olympiad. The cloak bonus works.


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