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NEW [Great Olympiad Information]

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It has become much more interesting to participate in the "Great Olympics"! We have an updated rating system for the best players per day and week, depending on the number of Olympiad points received. You can also find out your position in the weekly rankings.

Lineage II.jpg

Daily Reward for Best Player:

   Etc_magic_coin_gold_i02_0.jpg 3 Gold Einhasad

Weekly award for the best players:

   1 st - Etc_magic_coin_gold_i02_0.jpg 100 Gold Einhasad

   2 stEtc_magic_coin_gold_i02_0.jpg 70 Gold Einhasad

   3 stEtc_magic_coin_gold_i02_0.jpg 50 Gold Einhasad

The rating of the best players for the day and the week is determined depending on the received Olympiad points. Whoever has more Olympiad points gets the reward. The award goes to top one in a day and top three ratings in a week.

Award for participation in the Olympiad:

Permanent victory reward:  Etc_coins_gold_i00_0.jpg Coin of Luck

Reward for participation, depending on the scores of the Olympiad:

  • 50 pts - 35% 
  • 25 pts - 25%  
  • 15 pts - 15%

What reward you can get:

shok.jpg Treasure Bag [Small] - 65%

shok.jpg Treasure Bag [Medium] - 25%

shok.jpg Treasure Bag [Rare] - 10%

The first heroes will appear after 7 days

  • Olympiad period: 7 days
  • Number of starting points = 20
  • The maximum number of battles at the Olympics in non-class battles = 150
  • Limit on enchant weapons = 10 / Limit on enchant armor = 8 / Limit on enchant jewelry = 8
  • The minimum number of players to start non-class battles = 2
  • Group battles 3 on 3 - disabled.
  • Class battles are disabled.
  • Time before teleportation to the arena = 60
  • Time before the start of the battle = 60
  • Arena Trident - disabled - Disabled due to the specifics of the geodata on it. In the chronicles above, she was removed from the list by the game's developers.


  • The ability to attack the NPC buffer before the start of the battle.


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