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[Information] New quest "In the name of the legend"

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The quest "In the Name of the Legend" is available for players 80+, you can start the quest straight from ALT + B

Lineage II.jpg

Can be done in a group / One-time / Available for levels 80+


1. Travel to Dragon Valley, slay Raid Bosses Emerald Horn, Duststorm Rider, Bleeding Fly, Black Blade, Shadowcaller, Thorn Ripper, Mighty Blaster and collect Item_17249.jpg Huge Dragon Bones - 7
2. Speak with Guardian of Antharas Gilmour in the Hunter Village or Dragon Valley and receive a reward of your choice


All of these Raid Bosses are summoned from the Draconic Vortex in Dragon Valley. To summon one RB you will need a special item Item_17248.jpgLarge Dragon Bone  


List of rewards to choose from:

  Etc_bloodpledge_point_i00_0.jpg Clan Points Certificate - 20000

  Fame.jpg Fame - 3000

  etc_rp_point_i00_2.jpg Raid Boss Points - 500

  Etc_coins_gold_i00_0.jpg Coin of Luck - 15

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