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[Addon Raid Points]

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Kill any Raid Bosses from 76 to 87 lvl and get points for them, which can be spent in a special section in Alt + B.


  • The location of almost all Raid Bosses is strictly defined, and they can be found from the information on the game map (M);
  • The time until the Raid Boss reappears after killing him is 12-20 hours of real time;
  • The level of characters that can attack the Raid Boss is limited, usually +8 levels from the level of the boss, but for some RB there is less level difference. If this condition is violated, the character will be turned into a statue for a while;
  • The size of the reward also depends on the level of the attacking characters: the larger the difference, the smaller the possible reward;
  • Raid Points are distributed among the attackers if they are in a group;
  • Raid Points cannot be obtained from the instance of Raid Bosses, as well as those summoned.

The number of points depending on the level of the Raid Boss:

  • 75+ - 777
  • From all epics - 950

The number of Raid Points can be seen by pressing Shift + clicking on RB.

Store Example

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